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2012-09-24 : Another year goes by!
Another year has gone by since Electronic Arts shut down Earth and Beyond.  The community came together to recreate the first online space MMO, and every year, the DEVS over at NET-7 progress the EnB emulator.  I looked into the progress not too long ago, and I have to admit, I think they have done a wonderful job.  Not only has the world of Earth and Beyond been recreated, but, using much of the published lore of the game, they managed to increase the universe, adding many new zones, and bringing the story line of Earth and Beyond to life, even further than EA ever did.  As stated on other posts here, I have stated that even the 3 missing classes were introduced.  Now, those classes have story lines added to them.  Its absolutely incredible the work done at NET-7.  Fantastic work everyone!


2012-08-31 : Not again!!!  City of Heroes Sunset announced! Me not happy!!!

Well, I just got some bad news that everyone that lived in Earth and Beyond know how it feels.   After Earth and Beyond closed its servers in September 2004, it took me a long time to find another MMO.  I tried World of Warcraft, Guild Wars, Star Wars Online and many others.  I found refuge in City of Heroes, a comic book based MMO, and even though it took me a long time to get used to it, I ended up making City of Heroes my new online home.  After 8 years of playing CoH, I am again faced with the same problem we all faced in EnB.  NCSoft has announced the sunset of City of Heroes.  I remember how bad I felt after 2 years in EnB.  How am I going to feel after 8 YEARS in CoH!!  Damn .. CoH closes its servers November 30.

To all the DEVs from Paragon Studios, thank you for 8 wonderful years, and hope to play more of your games in the future.  Btw, the staff of Paragon Studios got absolutely no notice that they were loosing their jobs.  They came in to work on a Friday, and asked to pack, they were all fired!  Who does business like that .. I feel terrible for the Paragon Studios staff.  They were an amazing crew!

If you would like to help us try and save City of heroes, please sign our petition.  The link is here:


 2012-04-01 :Emulator Progress Update!

Well, I just visited the Earth and Beyond universe.  I gotta tell you all, I am very .. VERY impressed with the progress.  All players from pre-sunset should go check it out.  I am sure you all will be as impressed as I was. is where you want to go.  The community is alive and kicking.  You may want to read this as well, just a little blurb I wrote.  Have fun!!


11-11-15 : ME SO SORRY ..
Well, here we are .. November 15, 2011 .. I've been so busy over the last year that the 7th anniversary of sunset has passed me by .. it took a conversation with EVERMORE, a DEV with the ENB EMULATOR to make me realise that .. well .. .. that I have completely ignored the game that I love .. Earth and Beyond .. Well, its not, by far, permanent at this moment, but, after having a chat online with Sneaky, James and of course, EVERMORE, I do miss this community, I do miss the game, and I really miss all my friends .. and EA still SUCKS!!!  But, hey .. with any luck, I should be back to the project within the next 3 to 6 months .. and if EVERMORE has his way .. I should be back in 2 days .. LOL ..

Well .. I really hope that things in real life move faster then they have over the last 2 years .. cause I still have my heart set on this project, Earth and Beyond was and still is the best MMO that ever was .. and for those who don't know what were about, then I suggest that you play the game, its free, and its fun ..

I miss all of my EnB friends .. I'll be back .. SOON!!



2010-09-22 : 6th Anniversary of the EnB Sunset!
Another year has passed, and I have been unfortunately detained by real life.  But it has not stopped my from visiting the folks over at Net7, the re-creators of Earth and Beyond.  It sure looks like the EnB emulator has evolved into something even greater than anyone believed that it would.  All new missions, all new sectors are now available along with, of course, tons of content for the 3 missing player classes, Scout, Privateer and Seeker.  If you have yet to see the major improvements to Earth and Beyond, I do suggest you head over to, sign up for a free account, and go see the all new changes in EnB for FREE!!  Thats right people, EnB is FREE to play!  Use the Character and Starship creator to make yourself a Scout, Privateer or Seeker, and see what all these terrific people have created, Its aboslutely mind blowing!

So if real life gives me a break, rest assured that I will once again dive right into the universe of Earth and Beyond, its just too amazing to pass up!  Take care all, and see you in F7!


2009-09-22 : 5th Anniversary of the EnB Sunset!
I can't believe that its been a year since I've written anything here.  Yes, 5 years ago was the last time anyone of us had the pleasure of playing Earth and Beyond ... What am I talking about .. only reason why nothing has been written here is because I HAVE BEEN PLAYING EARTH AND BEYOND!!!  Yes people, you all heard me!  Earth and Beyond is alive and kicking!  The Emulator Dev Team has spent countless hours working on reviving Earth and Beyond, and now, you can actually play.  Naturally things are different from when EA had control, but, that's a good thing.  The drive behind the project is "For the Love of the Game" instead of the all mighty dollar, and there is evidence of this in every sector that you visit.  All the devs are on Teamspeak, ready to answer any questions, provided they are not involved with development.  For myself, I was an EnB player since Beta, and I for one am very proud at what the EnB community have built.

Earlier, I had the pleasure of talking to some of the Emulator devs about what can be currently done in the Emulator, and what they told me was incredible. 

First thing exciting that was revealed, was that with the use of the Starship and Character Creator available for download on this site, the 3 missing classes, Terran Scout, Progen Privateer and Jenquai Seeker are now playable characters. They felt that since this was the most ignored request from players during Live, it was important to implement this at all cost.  Also, there are tons of new sectors to explore.  Also implemented is the Item Analize and Manufacture, ore refining, along with tons of Combat, Explore and Trade missions and content, leveling missions, upgrade missions, and new skill missions. 

The game still works just like it did, and still looks the same.  But, yet, the Emulator team has managed to put its own personal stamp on it, making the game better than ever.  Even though there are still quite a few wrinkles to iron out, I think that the re-creation of the best MMO is a testament to the original designers.

Congratulations Emulator team, Keep up the terrific work!


If you want to see what's going on with the Earth and Beyond Emulator, got to


2008-09-22 : 4th Anniversary of the EnB Sunset!
Well, here we are, 4 years after EA pulled the plug on our beloved game. It was a sad day, many players came online to say goodbye. Players gathered in Friendship7, Net7 or Joves on the most part, or they formed up and flew their ships across the vast universe of Earth and Beyond. Some solo players flew to their main hunting grounds to destroy their favorite mobs. Thousands of screenshots were taken that day, so that we may have something to look at to remind us how much fun we had.

September 22, 2004, that is the day! Earth and Beyond was just a game, and most of the players left EnB for other MMORPGs. Some left at the announcement of sunset, and some die hard players stayed until the plug was pulled.

Well, September 22, 2004 wasn't the end for Earth and Beyond. The game may have had its flaws, main flaw of course was that it was hosted by EA, the killer of all that is good in the gaming world (Warhammer Online, your fate is already known). But, Earth and Beyond spawned one of the best player communities. The players gathered on fansites to talk about past experiences in the game, and rumors of emulators began to surface. Few have attempted this crazy task of recreating Earth and Beyond, but all failed .. but one.

Yes, Net-7 is the best there is. Its community, its devs, designers, writers, all together to recreate Earth and Beyond. And they are succeeding. Earth and Beyond is back! The emulator is in the works, and huge progress has been made. There is a working galaxy, sectors are being populated, items are in, multiplayer works, mining, grouping, too much to list, and open Beta is around the corner! So, fear not, you WILL be playing Earth and Beyond real soon, with a few added perks: the dev team managed to get the 3 missing classes working, so, you will be able to play the Terran Scout, Progen Privateer or Jenquai Seeker, AWSOME!! The other perk is that EA isn't running the game, we the players are! WOOT!

Net-7 is 3 years old as of September 19th. So, with that, I wish to stand up, salute, bow and/or tip my hat to all that have made the emulator possible. So many have worked tirelessly to get this project working, some are still here, some have gone to other personal interests, but, here to name just a few:

Razorwing, David99, Imp, Tienbau, Tbohner, Pritcher, Ayusaki, Vector.360, Elana, Fr3aklord, Rackle, Ghent96, Blasti99, Zarius, Kkixx, Imasock, Riia, Hexergirl, Kenu, Kurigan, T3hD0gg, Agfot, Cyranius, Zanor, Vaniq, Game, Ookami, Herak, Shaddex, Feniks, Kyrans, Psyderman, Starsz, icqmatt2k, oVeRmYhEaD, also Herak, Uhahah, ExileDrapier, Darth_Roel, mister_toenny, Judge, nullspace, Sherkhan, Huron, Vrixy, dubhcaora, Bieah, mmax, Strifer, Vanir, Klaxis, JadeFalcon, Paparon, Mad Line, UpooPoo, Maxiel, Ravan, Thomas, Shathas, Iceminer, Erdrick, Nicodemus, dannyboy1121, Munkhi, Greyrider, grimsom pirate, Redbo, Panther, Oohwha.  And to all who make this the best community of gamers on the planet! Thank you everyone!!!


2007-08-13 : EnB Stratics Character Planer Uncovered!
Many of us used the character planer to chart our characters future.  Well, the popular EBStratics Character Planer has been uncovered, and made available to all of you once again, thanks to Ayusaki, a still very active member of the Earth and Beyond community.  You can once again plan your characters HERE and recreate your old characters!  Again, is still your complete Earth and Beyond source!



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Progen ramp up production of capital ships
Reporter: Heracles Gravel
Submission Date:
2003-08-26 18:15:01.0

As the war expands into full-scale conflict, the Progen Republic is reportedly dedicating more resources to capital ship construction.

V'rix force moves into Deneb
V'rix advance scouts in the Roc Sector of the Deneb System are being reinforced with a growing invasion force, according to reliable sources in the area.
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